Industry and investment Focus

Financial services:

  • Banking services (credit, payments, treasury, FOREX)

  • Geographies where unbanked population is high and interest rates, fees and commissions are high.
  • Financial and banking operational services, where substantial economic value can be created by improving predictability of an operational outcomes, thus reducing risks and exposures (compliance, collections, risk and commercial assessment).


  • Insurance products for individuals and SMEs where distribution costs and commissions can be drastically reduced by leveraging digitalization, increasing distribution reach, reducing churn and increasing cross selling opportunities.
  • Insurance products where loyalty and value-added services can be developed via an ecosystem (narrow B2B2C products like pet insurance.
  • Organizations that help lower fraud or abuse and increase client satisfaction
  • Risk management services for companies engaged with IoT devices to create better risk models.


  • Areas where discontinuity in the transformation from fee-per-service to value-based-care has created opportunities.
  • The combination of digital medical information, analytics and at-distance-healthcare to lower the total cost of care and increase the quality of the overall experience.
  • Disease management and chronic care management services.


Digital Marketing

The latest developments in Internet, big data, and analytics are transforming the way we think about marketing. It is hard to imagine how to sell or advertise nowadays without considering a digital marketing approach. Brands and businesses are evolving into digital marketing solutions that help them boost their results and connect with their customers. To achieve these improved results, understanding your potential clients and offering tailored products or services is a must. Since 2014, we have worked in the creation of successful ventures in this sector. HCS continues to see opportunities in this ever-changing world and we are actively looking for new investment prospects in this area.