Portendo Analytics

A U.S. and France based company specialized in designing and implementing large scale & high-performance machine learning platforms. Portendo has vast experience in Financial services, digital marketing, e-comerce and industrial processes. 


Figo pet insurance

A pet insurance company based in Chicago, IL. Figo offers insurance policies as well as a free mobile based pet cloud, which creates an ecosystem for pet owners to store relevant information, interact and share experiences. 


We Technologies

We Technologies has offices in the U.S. and South America. WeTech is an IoT firm specialized in monitoring industrial processes. WeTech created a platform to interface with the IoT devices, analyze the produced data and generate recommendations to plant managers regarding risks and optimization opportunities. 


Ceptinel is located in Santiago, Chile and specializes in monitoring financial transactions in real-time, to assess risks related to money laundering, market abuse, and fraud. 


Jooycar is a fast growing Chilean based company disrupting the auto insurance and telematics space in Latin America.