Private Equity & Venture Capital


HCS invests at the crossroads of three important factors, talented and driven management teams, compelling technology and disruptive industries. We take majority or minority positions within the FinTech, InsureTech and HealthTech vertical and participate as active hands-on investors.

We leverage deep industry backgrounds and experience to grow our portfolio companies by sharpening strategy, leveraging operating models, facilitating partnerships and supporting the construction of commercial models which exploit weaknesses in given value chains. 

We believe that the only way to create value is to develop very deep knowledge and insights in specific industries, to identify discontinuities derived from social, political, and technological changes, and either to support business leaders in transforming markets or to invest in emerging industry shapers. Based on this vision, we advise and support industry incumbents in transforming their businesses. We also make direct investments in companies or assets that have the ability to transform an industry.





Active Partner

We believe that a strong partnership is necessary to achieve meaningful growth. We are active investors in each of our portfolio companies beyond the financial commitment. Our collaborative approach engages management and works closely with entrepreneurs to accelerate shared growth objectives. 



Market disruption powered by analytics and machine learning




We invest in areas where the combination of technology-driven-transformations (digital client interaction, data analytics powered by machine learning, regulatory-discontinuities and existing business model weaknesses create unique disruption opportunities.




Experienced management team


We believe that a disciplined, dedicated and experienced management team is as powerful as any technology. HCS invests in entrepreneurs with a clear vision and track record of experience and industry knowledge. 





Investment profile and development stage

Our investment level varies from seed-stage to series A, but we generally look for demonstrated traction which would indicate some level of revenue or market validation. We invest in companies where the fundamental business model has been proven and capital injection will have a clear and meaningful effect on short and medium term growth objectives. 




Deep industry knowledge



HCS has developed very solid, fact-based investment theses for each industry we operate, by partnering with industry experts with years of experience and leveraging HCS partners’ experience in consulting, management, private equity, government, and business transformations.