HCS Capital Partners

We partner with individuals and corporations to invest in disrupting companies in Latin America and the U.S.


HCS Capital helps portfolio companies boosting grwoth by supporting them in 4 key areas:



Defining and implementing the IT strategy & building machine learning skills



Deciding when and how to scale internationally and supporting their landing


Strategy & Ops

Sharpening the company’s strategy & enhancing the role of the board of directors


marketing & Communications

Structuring partnerships and leveraging effective marketing channels


Corporate Venture Capital

Globally, Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) Groups participated in $52.95 billion of funding across 2,740 deals in 2018, that represented 23% of all VC deals (CB Insights 2019). This continues a trend of growth for CVC deal activity as a percentage of overall VC deal activity. The main benefits of creating a professional Corporate Venture Capital Program fall into 4 broad areas:


Gain Market Intelligence

  • Identifying new industry trends

  • Anticipating changes in consumer behavior

  • Understanding how different actors interact in the fast-changing digital ecosystem (startups, developers, suppliers, consumers)

Foster Disruptive Innovation

  • By exposing internal resources (R+D, Product Marketing, Sales) to the challenging strategies of portfolio companies

  • By witnessing first hand how new challengers are reshaping your industry

Hedge Business Bets

  • Creating an environment for ‘hedging bets’ in key business areas, a concept that had been found to be impossible in an internal corporate set-up

  • Thwarting competitive threats before it is too late

Obtain Financial Returns

  • Investing in deals that can be profitable, not only from learning opportunities, but financially as well

  • Allocating free cash flow in a strategic and potentially profitable manner


About Us

HCS Capital Partners LLC is a Miami and Santiago-based Venture Capital firm founded by a team with extensive experience in technology, banking, insurance and operations in the U.S, Europe and Latin America.

We partner with individuals and corporations to invest in emerging technoloy companies accross Latin America and the U.S. With a hands-on approach, we specialize in helping our portfolio sharpen their atrategy, make the right IT decisions and scale rapidly to the rest of region.